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Mary Nice is a highly sought-after international keynote and workshop speaker and a leading marketing strategist who has led digital marketing programs for prestigious international companies, including the Walt Disney Company, Unilever, Kraft Foods, and Kimberly Clark.

Before starting her own successful consulting practice, Mary had the coveted position of Digital Marketing Director at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, where she led a range of innovative digital initiatives, including overseeing the Parks’ digital marketing strategy, establishing the digital marketing analytics practice, and starting the first social media listening program for the Walt Disney Company.


Mary’s career understanding of building programs that motivated consumers naturally drifted to teams as more and more clients began struggling with workplace retention and a lack of operational readiness and team alignment. In her research-driven, captivating virtual or in-person presentations, Mary teaches leaders and high-performance teams how to rediscover the joy in their work and find the leadership impact they desire, generating greater fulfillment, customer value and enhancing the all-important bottom line.

Throughout her career, she is honored to have worked with clients at some of the most renowned universities, including Purdue University, Arizona State University, and her alma mater, Auburn University. She has delivered programs for companies including Visit California, Comcast, Disney Parks, and David Weekley Homes and has been featured in Business Insider and Time.


Inside most of us is an innate desire to be our best. We want to focus harder, get more done, and be a high performer – both in life and in the workplace. But in a culture that encourages faster, bigger, stronger, MORE, many of us high performers have found ourselves left wondering if high performance and happiness can coexist. We are often left thinking: After I land this promotion, I can rest. After I buy that house, I can enjoy life. But what if we actually reimagined what being a high performer meant? In this captivating and actionable presentation, Mary teaches the audience how to bring together the science of peak performance and research-based strategies for happiness. With personal anecdotes from her leadership roles, including her time at the Walt Disney Company, Mary will help the audience realize that being a happy high performer is available to us NOW.

Program Takeaways:

  • Why many of us have been conditioned to delay happiness in favor of high performance
  • Why happiness and high performance isn’t an either/or proposition
  • Research-based strategies to become a HAPPY high performer
  • How to reprogram and rediscover your joy without giving up your achievement-oriented heart

While the pandemic exacerbated stress, worry, and sadness for some, these feelings are nothing new. Rates have been trending upward for American workers since 2009. In other ways, some felt an unusual sense of relief during the pandemic. They could work more on their terms, miss fewer important family milestones, or build new routines that worked better for them.

And now many teams are returning back to the office, how do I go back to the way things were? So how do we use THIS moment in time not to return to the ways things were but to reimagine ways of working together that encourage a resilient, fulfilled and connected workforce?

In this presentation, Mary unpacks five aspects of connected and resilient teams. This presentation is packed full of research-backed strategies and practical examples from organizations across the globe that are rising to the moment.

Program Takeaways:

  • The 5 research-based strategies for building teams of connectivity and resilience.
  • Practical examples from organizations of all sizes and industries, specifically tailored to you.
  • Exercises to help the audience understand where they should focus first.

In this impactful customized program, Mary Nice inspires audiences to rediscover their natural curiosity and use it to drive meaningful change and transformation.

Drawing from neuroscience and personal experience, Mary will explain how sustained stresses like uncertainty and overwhelm make us retreat to assumptions and rigid thinking patterns inhibiting our curiosity and stifling innovation.

Through powerful storytelling, Mary will demonstrate how reframing challenges, questioning outdated rules, and reinvigorating curiosity can spark the personal and professional renewal so many need at this moment. Attendees will leave feeling empowered to start asking better questions and co-create dynamic workplaces where people and businesses thrive. Walking that fine line between challenge and motivation, Mary’s message of empowerment through curiosity is a masterclass all leaders should experience.

Program Takeaways:

  • Curiosity is a renewable resource. Contrary to popular belief, curiosity is not a fixed personality trait but rather a mental muscle that can be strengthened through regular exercise. Mary will provide tangible strategies to help individuals and teams rekindle curiosity even in challenging or stagnant environments.
  • Asking the right questions is more powerful than having all the answers. In periods of ambiguity or change, leaning into curiosity versus relying solely on assumptions allows for new perspectives and solutions to emerge organically. Mary demonstrates how setting aside preconceptions and truly listening with empathy can ignite transformative progress.
  • Workplaces that support learning surpass those focused solely on outputs. While productivity is always important, the highest-performing organizations recognize that people and innovation thrive when play, experimentation, and co-creation are valued as much as final results. Mary inspires leaders to re-evaluate what truly contributes to individual and collective success over the long term.

In this inspiring keynote series, Fortune 100 marketing leader Mary Nice will empower attendees at all levels to strengthen emotional intelligence and enhance communication skills for increased resilience, impact and change leadership. Mary’s emotional intelligence keynote programs can take two distinct forms based on needs:

Program One focuses on fine-tuning interpersonal skills. Drawing from neuroscience and compelling case studies, Mary will explain how social conditioning and self-limiting thought patterns unconsciously undermine our ability to communicate with courageous clarity. Attendees will gain frameworks and strategies for cultivating self-awareness, empathy, and regulating emotions to navigate conversations with poise.

In Program Two, Mary leverages the latest psychology research to unpack tangible techniques for scrutinizing underlying mental models. Participants will learn mindfulness habits, authentic listening skills and trust-building strategies that activate curiosity and maximize human potential. Interactive scenarios illustrate applied emotional intelligence.

These impactful sessions inspire attendees to cut through personal and organizational barriers through courageous self-expression, transformative collaborative problem-solving and unified commitment to growth. Mary’s evidence-based blended approach equips professionals at all levels seeking to thrive amid complexity and lead change.

Program Takeaways:

  • Recognize hidden biases that impact communication effectiveness and behaviors
  • Strengthen interpersonal abilities to build high-trust, psychologically safe environments
  • Cultivate emotional resilience through reframing challenges, adapting swiftly and cohesive values

In a world where the digital landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed, the ability to harness and leverage the power of social media platforms is no longer just an option; it’s a necessity. “Leveraging the Power of Platform: Finding Success in Social Media,” is an indispensable, tailor-made program specially designed to arm your audience with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic terrain of social media marketing and thrive.

The program casts an insightful lens on the latest audience behaviors and platform usage trends, providing attendees with a significant leading edge in the competitive digital market. Filled with specific examples customized for the audience, this engaging program empowers attendees to learn how to build a resilient social media program for their specific business, tailoring their efforts to meet precise business goals and audience demographics.

At its core, this presentation encourages adaptability. A tried and true framework becomes an invaluable aid, providing stability amidst changing trends but also permitting customization to meet unique business needs. Special emphasis is laid on the critical role of metrics, guiding attendees towards understanding and tracking the most relevant data and how these impact content creation and overall marketing success.

Program Takeaways:

  • Acquire a solid understanding of the latest audience behaviors and usage trends across social media platforms.
  • Empower audience members with the ability to tailor their social media strategies to their specific business, aligning their efforts with business objectives and customer preferences.
  • Understand and apply a stable yet adaptable framework for social media marketing operations.
  • Gain clarity on which metrics to prioritize, how these impact content creation, and how to leverage them for sustained success.
  • Instill the forward-thinking, strategic mindset needed for constant growth and success in social media marketing.

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