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Digital marketing can be overwhelming.

Many people can build digital marketing strategies, but how about digital marketing strategies that are ACTUALLY scalable and deliver results.

I’ve taken my nearly two decades of experience in building and activating digital marketing programs as a leader at industry-giant Edelman and the Walt Disney Company, and now help both corporate and individual clients build SCALABLE, ACTIONABLE, and MEASURABLE strategies.

Develop Strategy: 

  • Audit the current digital marketing approach, spend, and results
  • Build a cross-channel content marketing program
  • Develop a holistic channel distribution strategy built to drive efficiency and effectiveness. 

Develop and Implement Collaboration Practices:

  • Design systems and practices that help individual teams or multiple teams better create and collaborate. 
  • Develop measurement frameworks that not only measure the success of your strategic efforts, but the wellbeing of your team.

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