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It's Nice to Meet You

My mission is to help managers use their platform to find the fulfillment they deserve and the impact they want.

After leading marketing teams at companies like the Walt Disney Company and industry-giant Edelman, I was ready for a new challenge. I started a digital marketing consulting practice in 2015, which I still happily run today. Throughout my career, I have helped companies like Kraft Foods, Unilever, and Comcast develop digital marketing strategies and increasingly work to address the people and processes it takes to make those strategies work.

But NOTHING in our careers is linear despite the “corporate ladder” being DRILLED into our heads. 

During the pandemic, I found myself helping more individuals and businesses address the ever-changing realities of what work looks like today. People were burnt out; what was working before no longer worked, and many felt stuck. As a research junkie and data nerd (I’m a real party), I hit the books and developed a framework to help individuals and management teams ask themselves the right questions to better lead themselves, their teams, and ultimately the business.

Now, I spend time creating programs designed at the intersection of high performance and wholeness. I call it Candid Curiosity, and it’s where inquiry and empathy meet, driving career fulfillment and increasing profitability within an organization. This platform has helped leaders thrive by overcoming the unspoken assumptions within themselves and their workplace to boost the bottom line both inside and outside of the office.

When my nose isn’t in research, I’m playing with my husband and son, meeting my friend on the Pickleball court, attempting to rollerblade, or most likely dancing like a lunatic.