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Motivational Speakers in Florida for 2023

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Once again, Orlando was the top destination for conferences and events in 2022. With its international airport, affordable hotels, and expansive event centers, it’s an excellent (and EASY) destination to gather larger groups from around the world.

But did you know that Orlando and the surrounding area are full of top motivational speakers? Check out some of the excellent options below:

Four Orlando-Based Leadership and Motivational Speakers

Duncan Wardle

Have you met my dear friend, neighbor, and former Disney colleague Duncan Wardle? I met Duncan about 15 years ago while working at Disney Parks. Now, Duncan travels the world teaching creativity and innovation built upon his 20+ years with Disney and his hallmark crazy ideas. Duncan is an entertainer and a crowd favorite!

Mary Nice

Yep, it’s me. A former Disney leader, corporate strategist, and leadership coach, I teach leaders and high-performance teams how to rediscover the joy in their work and find the leadership impact they desire through a toolkit of neuroscience and mindset strategies.

Michelle Akers

As FIFA’s player Player of the Century, 2x FIFA World Cup Champion, and US Olympic Gold Medalist, Michelle is a compelling motivational speaker that teaches resilience and the power of team. A recognizable name to those sports lovers in the audience, Michelle’s programs always draw a crowd.

Sally Hogshead

I’ve followed the work of Sally for years and am captivated by her work on what it takes to be fascinating. You’ll leave a program from Sally ready to relook at your company and make sure it stands out! As Sally says, “it’s no longer enough to be good, or better, or even the best. Now the question is… what makes you DIFFERENT”?

Reach out to explore!

Interested in learning more, feel free to reach out at I’d love to share some of my favorite speakers from recent events I’ve attended.

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